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Fund Advisor Portal - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: A few questions you might have as you get up-and-running in the new Advisor Portal system.

  • I haven't receive the auto-generated email yet.  What should I do?  It could take an entire day for the system to fully process each custom URL and send the auto-generated email.  Check your Spam or Junk folder for an email from  If it hasn’t arrived, please email Carrie Sanders ( so that she can manually re-send the information you will need to get up-and-going. 

  • I don’t understand how to navigate the portal.  Reach out to our friendly team by calling 1.580.234.3988

  • The URL only worked the first time.  How do I return to the portal?  The custom URL inside the auto-generated email should only be used to establish your password.  Take note of your username and the password you select and then visit our website and click on the Fund Advisor Portal button to access the system at any time.

  • I’ve lost my password.  What should I do?  For security reasons, the CSCF team does not have the ability to access your password.  If you need us to erase your previous password so that you can create a new one, please email Carrie at ( for assistance.

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