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We work with people to create funds that will benefit the community now and in the future.


A donor who wants to help the community but does not have a specific program or charity in mind can establish an undesignated fund. This allows our experienced staff and board to assess community needs and award grants to the nonprofits that undertake our community's most critical work. 


Field of Interest Funds create grants that meet the needs of a particular field (i.e. youth, elderly, literacy, food security) or geographical area that is of interest to you, the donor.


Donor Advised Funds make philanthropy easy and fun because you are involved in the grant-making.  Donate to the causes you care about, grow your donation tax-free, and recommend grants to your favorite charities. It's also a great way of involving family members in philanthropy.


You can support the good work of a specific program or nonprofit of your choosing. Your gift provides that organization with a permanent source of reliable funding, investment management services, and planning giving support. 

AGENCY FUNDS (Organizational Endowment Fund)

Agency Funds (Organizational Endowment Funds) are created by nonprofit and public organizations to provide stable income to meet both current and future needs. The Cherokee Strip Community Foundation handles all administrative and investment responsibilities, freeing the organization to pursue its charitable mission.

Benefits of using the Community Foundation to start an Agency Fund:

  • Reduced overhead and administrative costs. The Community Foundation handles all gift processing, record keeping, tax reporting, administrative services and audits.

  • Professional investment management of the endowment, overseen by our Investment Committee.

  • Competitive investment and administrative fees through economies of scale, due to the size and breadth of the Community Foundation.

  • Visibility of your endowment in our Annual Report, social media, and through customized ads for your organization allowing online donations directly into the endowment fund.

  • The ability to provide special recognition for donors who wish to create a named fund for your nonprofit.

  • Acceptance of various gift types including cash, marketable securities, real estate, privately held business interests, insurance policies and other complex assets.

  • Technical assistance with major and planned gifts that benefit the endowment.

  • Eligibility for matching funds of up to $5,000.

Agency Funds (Organizational Endowments) held at CSCF:

  • Community Development Support Association (CDSA)

  • Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center

  • Chisholm Education Foundation

  • Denny Price Family YMCA

  • EJRT

  • Enid NOON Ambucs

  • Enid Public Library

  • Enid Public School Foundation

  • Enid Tree Board

  • Grand National Quail Foundation

  • Hospice Circle of Love

  • Junior Welfare League of Enid

  • Loaves & Fishes of Northwest Oklahoma

  • Northwest District Junior Livestock Show

  • Phillips University Legacy Foundation

  • Rotary Club of Enid

  • Sons & Daughters of the Cherokee Strip

  • Timberlake Education Foundation

  • United Way of Northwest Oklahoma

  • Warriors for Freedom

  • Youth & Family Services of North Central Oklahoma

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