The CSCF works with people to create funds that will benefit their community now and in the future.


Allows non-profit agencies to take advantage of the foundation’s investment money managers and still have access to their funds.  These funds give organizations the opportunity to save non-endowed dollars in professionally managed fund that can generate investment income, year after year, but also remains fully accessible with a vote of the nonprofit's board.  It's flexible, simple way for nonprofits to build funds for a project or operational needs.  For more information about setting up and Agency Fund please contact us today at 580-234-3988.


Serves the needs of donors having a longer-term distribution plan with the option of investment growth and flexibility to eventually distribute the entire gift for charitable purposes. The Gift Fund shall be invested as part of the CSCF investments receiving its proportionate share of income and capital appreciation or loss.  At the request of the donor, a portion of the Gift Fund may be invested in a money market or investment options at CSCF.


Provides money that is awarded in grants by the Foundations Board of Directors. An undesignated donation is ideal for those who want to leave a legacy that will benefit many concerns within our community.  Unrestricted funds are flexible and responsive to emerging and changing community needs.  Donors place no restrictions on their gifts and leave decisions about charitable use of the funds to the Foundation.  Download Fund Agreement.


Are tied to a general area of interest and not to a specific organization. We use your suggestions and other criteria to select grant recipients. Field of Interest Funds allow donors to specify a broad category for funding.  A Field of Interest Fund allows donors to direct their gifts to a charitable area of interest without the "hands-on" involvement of a Donor Advised Fund Download Fund Agreement.


Allows you to suggest what charitable cause should receive money, upon approval of the Foundation’s Board of Directors ($10,000 minimum). Donor Advised Fund allows donors the most flexibility to achieve their charitable purposes.  These are a simple alternative to a family foundation.  They are designed for donors to be actively involved in recommending how the funds are used.  Through their own research or with guidance from our knowledgeable staff, donors may recommend grants be made to a specific organizations as charitable needs arise.  Donors have the ability to select their own advisory committee to assist them in choosing grants recipients.  Each recommendation from a Donor Advised fund is subject to approval by our Board of Trustees. Download Fund Agreement.


Allows donors to designate payments at the time of the gift to named charity, agency, or specific project. Designated funds are recommended for donors who wish to support specific organizations forever.  Donors specify in their agreement which organization will receive the available grants each year from their endowed fund.  With a designated fund, the recipients remain the same each year.
Download Fund Agreement.

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