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Youth and Family Service of North Central OK, Inc-$4,905. Funds will be used for Life Skill Training and Prevention Program for students.  Focus area will be every 5th grade student attending Enid Public Schools.

Railroad Museum of Oklahoma — $2,500. Funds will be used for a caboose conversion project to create a children's library.

 Hope Outreach Ministries —$2,500. Funds will be used for "Earn as You Learn" program.  Providing curriculum, car seats, cribs, cradles,and diapers.

 4RKids— $5,000. Funds will be used for greenhouse equipment for the 2nd Story Employment Center. They plan to grow their own vegetables in an organic garden.

Leonardo's Children's Museum — $6,500. Funds will be used for the 2nd phase of a security system for the children's museum to provide better coverage and safety.

Great Expectation Foundation — $5,000. Funds to provide Professional Development for 10 educators at Longfellow Middle School.  Focus area will be learning and implementing 17 classroom practices, 8 expectations, 36 life principles.

  Enid Symphony Orchestra— $300. Funds will be used for marketing and educational material distribution for their year-long program through instruction and hands on participation for 1,800 3rd-5th grade students.

 Loaves & Fishes — $3,912. Funds will be used to purchase a new phone system and train their staff.

CDSA — $2,500. Funds will be used to start an Early Childhood Resource Center Parent Lending Closet and to purchase developmentally appropriate toys and intervention tools to support parents at home strategies.

Western Plains Youth & Family Services, Inc. — $2,500. Funds will be used for purchasing therapy equipment serving Woodward, Laverne, Guymon and Elk City.

First United Methodist Church -Hennessey — $5,000. Funds to be used for purchasing and installing picnic tables and benches for their community playground project.  

Forgotten Ministries — $5,000. Funds to be used for kids camp, which is their after school program-3 days a week.  Their camp serves 5,000-7,000 Pacific Islanders and provides tutoring for reading, writing, and teaching bible lessons. 

LGE— $5,000 Funds will be used for their Youth Leadership Greater Enid Program.  This is a 3 day fast paced, behind the scenes look at Enid.

Woodward Arts Theatre Council, Inc. (Woodward, OK) — $2,700. Funds used for emergency repair cost. Items identified are roof leaks from inside gutters, broken tile exposing old wood, and window casing.

Hedges Regional Speech & Hearing   — $3,200. Funds to be used to fund and purchase a handrails to make the entrances more access-friendly to their patients.  They will purchase three additional handrails for the west entrance and longer handrail on the sloped sidewalk.