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Artist Incubation, Inc. (Guymon, OK) — $10,000. Funds will be used to purchase appliances and other things needed for a Licensed Kitchen Project which will help to fulfill an economic as well as cultural and social need in the community.

Denny Price YMCA — $8,895. Funds will be used to implement and sustain the LIVESTRONG cancer survivor program at the YMCA through 2018 with three sessions per year. Each sessions is 12 weeks long with 15 participants and 3 trainers.

 Hedges Regional Speech & Hearing —$3,900. Funds will be used for a new Visual Reinforcement Audiometry system for younger children.

Woodring Wall of Honor — $2,637.05. Funds to purchase a (25) unit tour guide system to give docent tours The 25 unit package includes a receiver with lanyard/battery, transmitter with battery, microphone, charger and power supply and headphones.

CDSA — $5,000. Funds to purchase diapers and other baby supplies to be used to distribute through the Diaper Bank program.

Regional Food Bank — $2,500. Funds to assist the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma with the School Pantry Program in Garfield County serving 120 students in 2 school systems in Garfield County.

Hope Outreach — $3,000. Funds for the annual Girls' Tea and Boys' Tailgate abstinence events to go directly toward program expenses like facility rental, printed materials, audio/visual set-up and food.

Oklahoma Council on Economic Education (Edmond, OK) — $3,000. Funds to train 20 K-12 teachers in Enid and NW OK about how to effectively teach financial literacy to their students. This would be a one day session in Enid during the 2017-18 school year. Teachers would return to their classroom with new financial education curriculum and materials and will impact an estimated 1,500 students.

Cherokee Strip Museum (Alva, OK) — $1,500. Funds to purchase a speaker system for the inside of the church on their compound.

Woodward Arts Theatre Council, Inc. (Woodward, OK) — $10,000. Funds to restore the Historic Marquee of the Woodward Arts Theatre.

Leonardo's Children's Museum — $3,770.50. Funds to be used to purchase a new phone system.

The Sandbox Learning Center — $4,165. Funds to purchase a wide variety of classroom toy items to help with interest areas such as the home living center, block center, manipulates/table toys, art center, math center, water and sensory table materials, science center as well as the reading and writing center.